Employee Retention

In a competitive job market, we provide our business clients with benefit programs that attract and retain valuable employees.

Business Succession

Many times a small business is the largest asset of an owner’s net worth. Transitioning out of that ownership while capturing value requires deliberate planning. We can help business owners become independent of their businesses without sacrificing their years of hard work.

Planned Giving

Supporting a worthy charitable cause isn’t just a noble idea. With the right planning and financial vehicles, you can establish family income streams and reduce your taxes, while creating lasting gifts that enhance the long-term success of your favorite causes.

Tax Mitigation

In a time of spiraling public debt and fiscal deficits, future retirees face the prospect of significant tax rate increases. We offer the analysis and tactical plan to reduce your lifetime effective tax rate, putting more money to work for your family and charitable causes.

Insurance Planning

At the heart of solid financial planning is risk mitigation. Insurance products can provide a strong and cost-effective solution to various risks we consider in your comprehensive plan. We provide or source independent insurance expertise when appropriate.

Asset Management

Investments don’t need to be confusing. Our clients rely on us and our team of fund managers to develop and maintain excellent portfolios that provide risk mitigation and capital preservation over decades.

Financial Planning

Not all who wander are lost, but failing to plan is planning to fail. We want each of our clients to enjoy financial well-being throughout their lives, so we start by mapping out their income, expenses, assets and debts to evaluate their opportunities and risks. Our plans are the expression and implementation of our clients’ […]

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