How Far Could $1 Million Go In Retirement?

A million dollars used to be the ultimate target for retirement portfolios. Retiring as a millionaire brought status and confidence that you could live comfortably during your golden years. If you retired with $1 million in 1970, you probably didn’t have to worry about your nest egg running out, even with a lavish lifestyle. It […]

Choice of Entity from an Asset Protection Point of View

By: Roccy DeFrancesco, JD | Co-Founder: The Asset Protection Society Recently “Accounting Today” published an article titled: The Tax Pros and Cons of S-corp Status for Small Businesses. I agreed wholeheartedly with the conclusion that an S-Corp is a good choice for many business owners from a tax perspective. What was missing from the article, […]

Money, Hearts & Minds

It is the emotional roller-coaster you have never wanted. For many of us, money and the lack of it is an insufferable topic, if not a complete bore. For some, it reeks of nothingness multiplied by monthly obligations seemingly without end which makes it all the more difficult for our brains to comprehend. Strange as […]

Protect IRA Assets from Your Children’s Poor Decisions

More and more wealth over the coming years will transfer between generations as our population ages. Investment News stated recently that there will be more wealth transferred from one generation to the next over the next 20 years than in any time in our country’s history. Much of the assets transferred will be IRA money. […]

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